23+ Stunning Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

Swimming is always a good way to cool off and relax during the summer, especially during hot days. Having a swimming pool in your own compound is the best way to do that. Especially in the case when the cost of in-ground pools is high, and you plan to save money by purchasing above-ground pools. Still worried about the small backyards? Well, we have just the right solution for you. We are going to give you 20+ splendid ideas that you can do with your above-ground pool for a small yard. So, let’s get creative!

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Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

In spite of being affordable, many people throw away the idea of having an above ground pool for having small yards. But you do not have to do that anymore. You can decorate your above-ground pool in a lot of ways in order to make it look classic, modern, delightful, and lovely. You and your family will always enjoy your pool when you put things around it to make it look appealing. Here are small deck ideas for your above ground pool

1. Sharkline Venture

A combination of steel uprights & walls and injection-molded resin construction is evident in the Sharkline Venture Above Ground Pool. Combining these metals provides superior resistance to corrosion and structural strength, which will enable the pool to last longer. Sharkline Venture above-ground pools is ideal for small backyards.

2. Spa

The hot tub or spa may be the right choice if you just want to relax. There is a portable, freestanding tub called a hot tub which can be used as an above-ground pool spa. This hot tub is self-contained, which means all the components for plumbing and electricity are built into it. It is possible to set and hold the temperature of the water so you will never have to wait for the tub to heat. You can move the hot tub if you move, as it is portable.

3. Spool

Spa and pool are two words that are merged to form a spool. Sometimes, it is called a cocktail pool. It is basically a long spa. There are jets to massage the user, but the spool is extended and equipped with jets for resistance, meaning that it becomes a lap pool. Using a spool as a spa saves you quite a bit of space, allowing the water to warm up faster, making it more cost-effective for you.

4. Stock Tank Pool

A stock tank pool makes the perfect DIY above-ground pool project for your backyard. The only thing you need is a large vinyl bathroom tub. Alternatively, galvanized steel would work fine. It adds a vintage glaze in your backyard.

5. Lomart Montessa

The Lomart Montessa Round Above Ground Pool combines a stylish frame with a marble-style wall to create a luxury design that enhances any backyard retreat. It will fit in any backyard, despite its length. You will get this without spending a lot of money, and all of its advantages will convince you of its merit.

6. Plunge Pool

Although this spa pool also has jets, it is much smaller. The pool may or may not be heated, and will require a filter system. Recently, these pools have become very popular because they fit in small yards, are cheaper to install, and require less maintenance. You can also define a plunge pool as a cocktail pool, a hot tub, a swim spa, and an exercise pool. 

7. Infinity Pool

The infinity pool is the most popular pool for backyards near the sea or hillsides. A small infinity pool is ideal for backyards with a small amount of space, and when designed properly by a skilled builder, it can make even a small pool seem larger than it is.

8. Glass Pool

 If you install transparent glass walls instead of regular walls for an above-ground pool, it will create a unique view. The blue pool water through glass will make your small backyard more charming.

9. Pool Lighting

You can light up your pool from underwater with Led Strip Waterproof Lights. This will not only make your pool light up but also make it colorful and it will be perfect for night pool parties.

10. Create Landscapes

You can add gravel, stones, stairs, or anything you like around your pool to surround the walls of your above-ground pool matched with your yard. This will make a stunning landscape view overall.

11. Water Slide

If you have kids in your house, then you can add a water slide with your above ground pool. This will make your above ground pool more fun and interesting.

12. Tile Frame

You can frame your above ground pool with pretty tile frames that match your house and backyard. This will hide the not-so-cool wall of your above ground pool and give your small yard an elegant touch.

13. Reflecting Pool

This rock-wall and landscaping-enframed pool echo nature’s beauty for a lawn that is in perfect harmony with the environment. You can arrange the pool so that it is an integral part of the landscaping and serves a variety of different purposes.

14. Welcome Walkway

If your pool does not have a clean walkway then, you and other users might carry dirt and grass to the pool which will make your pool dirty and decrease its lifespan. So, it is better to create a neat wooden or bamboo-made walkway to your pool from the house, so people do not get their feet dirty before entering the pool. Plus it will add a classic look to your small yard.

15. Modern Laps

Lap pools are usually long pools that are narrow. So they do not need large spaces. Sleek tile and LED lighting are used as part of this modern take on a lap pool to help make it part of the overall architectural design and add further interest to the landscape.

16. Backyard Lightings

Lightings would not require any big space or small space. So, despite the size of your yard, you can decorate with lights. You can keep any type of lights you want to. Like lanterns, candles, electric lamps, and fairy lights,

17. Small Decking

By building a deck around your pool, you can make it a more natural addition to the surrounding yardscape while also providing a place where you can relax. The perfect entertaining spot can be completed with patios and lighting beside your above-ground pool.

18. Privacy Walls

If a lap pool sounds appealing, you can extend your privacy wall to the edge of your yard as a portion of your above-ground pool boundary. Despite providing a private place to work out and relax, this unique concrete design continues the property line and perfect above-ground pool idea for small yards.

19. Flower Bed Landscaping

An above-ground pool can add a range of design elements to your landscape if you mix and match colors and textures. With gracefully draping canopy trees and flowerbeds bordering the deck, the wooden lines of this deck are nicely balanced.

20. Flex Seal

By painting a stencil and attaching a flex seal to it, you can print a message at the bottom. As a result, the pool looks great and serves as a reminder to children that they should not dive or not plunge headfirst into it.

21. Bamboo Wall

If you use piles of bamboo to cover the walls of your above-ground pool it will look very natural and completely blend in with your small grassy backyard.

22. Waterfall

To add a waterfall is perfect for small yard above-ground pools. You can first create a natural landscape around your pool and add a waterfall. This will create an elite addition to your home. Your guests are going to be very impressed to see such a view. And you will not need to go to the resorts to enjoy nice views and to relax. You will have it all in your house.

23. Mix it All Together

You do not have to stick to only one idea you like from the above points. You can choose as you like. For example- you can light up your pool as well as your yard, you can also have a spool in an infinity pool. Your pool can have a deck and staircase and also be of a one-sided glass wall. Your pool can be a nature retreat by having a waterfall, bamboo walls, and a natural backyard which can also be a reflective pool.

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In this article, we have discussed the best above-ground pools for small backyards. So, you see? Now, you can have an above-ground pool at a low cost and also make it look beautiful no matter if your yard is small. But whatever idea you choose, you should take care of your safety first. Like you should make sure that your little kids do not go to the pool without your supervision or the candles do not catch fire in the backyard, or the pool stairs are not slippery. By following these simple steps, you can easily maintain your above-ground pool’s safety and enjoy relaxing weekends with your friends and family in your small backyard.

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