Above Ground Pool Electrical Install Cost in 2022

Above Ground PoolIf you have an above ground pool, you must install a pump for your pool too. For that, you would need electrical settings.

You can install it yourself if you think you can do it, but as this is a matter of a risky job, hiring professional and licensed electricians is highly recommended for any electrical setup in your above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Electrical Install Cost in 2022

After a little research, we have found that the electric installment cost of above-ground pools is almost the same in different countries and areas. But sometimes, it can slightly vary according to pool shapes and some other stuff.

What is Above ground pool?

Above ground pools are the pools that are situated and built above the ground. No digging is required for it. These are mainly built on the backyard of personal properties. As in the big hotels and resorts, you will find mostly in-ground pools, and you will find the above ground pools in some peoples’ property for personal and family use.

People like above ground pools for their personal choice because the installation cost is lower than in ground pools. This kind of pool does not require much hard work like in-ground pools. Most people can install this pool by themselves if they work hard for some time following some tutorial videos about building above-ground pools. without paying extra money to the pool experts

Why does the above ground pool need an electrical set up?

This pool needs a water supply, chemicals, and sanitization to keep the water clean and suitable for swimming. But these will not be possible without a water pump. A water pump will need electricity to keep it functioning. The pumps of the above ground pool can not pull water up like in ground pool pumps can. So, an electric water pump is an easy solution for it. For that, wires and other electrical setups are needed, which should be done to maintain proper safety.

Cost of above ground pool’s electrical installments

For calculating the costs, firstly, we need to find the different costing sectors in the pool’s electrical setup. The sectors are- electrician, diggings, water, pump, filter, heater, and chemicals, etc.

The total cost of electrical installment usually does not much unless the pool size varies. In ground pools can be only of round and oval shapes, while in ground pools are usually rectangular shapes but can be of any shape. It costs less to install a round shaped above-ground pool than it takes for oval shapes. So, if you own a round shaped above ground pool, the approximate costing can be around $40 and $100 per hour, which you will need to pay to the electrician.

With electricity, there comes wires, and wires are a part of electrical cost. It will cost you $500.00 – $1500.00 to wire up an above-ground pool by an electrician. In this cost, all supplies are included as well.

Electrical installment in above ground pool

You can stay relaxed just by hiring an electrician to set up electricians for your above ground pool. But if you are curious, then you might want to know what should be done for the electrical setup.

  • Plug the pool pump using a waterproof cover
  • Making necessary wired connections from a safe electricity source
  • Connect the wires with the pool pump and metal plates of the pool
  • Bond the entire pool with wire from the pump


First, do not try to install the electric pump in your pool by yourself if you’re not an expert. Then, make sure that the power is turned off at the circuit breaker before starting any electrical work in the pool. Finally, do not forget to check on the National Electric Code (NEC) before setting up electrical installments in your above ground pool.


Some people do not even set up electrical pumps or any other electrical setups in their above ground pool, and they can be just relieved from the whole hassle. But that makes the pool easily dirty, or you would need to change the water regularly and manually. So, to save time and money in the long run, setting up electrical installments is a must.

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