10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Benefits of Cold Water SwimmingIs it almost impossible for you to swim in the winter days? Then look over the 10 amazing health benefits of cold water swimming!

Swimming is always a great exercise, so why would you stay away from swimming only for the water is cold?

So, don’t worry, you are not going to miss the enjoyment of swimming on a December night with a full moon.

Let’s know the benefits!

The ten benefits of cold water swimming

Believe it or not, there are actually some mind-blowing reasons for why you should swim in cold water.

1. Burns calories

Your eye-brows will rise after listening to that, shivering can burn around 100 calories in 15 minutes.

The reason behind it is the secretion of a hormone named irisin that actually creates heat production from fat cells.

If you swim in cold water, your body works harder from swimming in more temperature. It increases your body’s long term metabolism.

2. Improves immune system

Swimming in cold water boosts your immune system. How? See, if you expose yourself in open, cold water, you will encounter more germs.

Your body is naturally forced to react to changing conditions. What will happen over time is your body will be better at activating its defences.

Because regular cold water swimming helps to boost your body’s level of antioxidant glutathione.

You’ll be glad after knowing that, it helps to regulate the process of all other antioxidants in your body. It also offers to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

3. Reduces stress

If you can be a cold water swimmer, you will naturally be calmer and more relaxed. Reducing stress is like a blessing for everyone.

When you are in stress, you can’t focus on anything. Cold water swimming makes a better world for you, you will be physically and mentally chilled.

4. Improves circulation

Cold water swimming offers you to flush your veins, arteries and capillaries. It actually helps to warm our extremities.

In other words, it forces your blood to the surface as well as pushes the cold downwards.

For an older or vulnerable person, it’s really essential. It helps him/her to cope with harsh winter days. For this, the seasons seem more enjoyable and less health-risky.

5. Stimulates the production of endorphin

Endorphin is something that is released from your brain during pain or depression to cope up with it. Cold water swimming provides you a high amount of endorphin.

Isn’t it amazing? Cold water swimming particularly helps you to release more endorphins. You will definitely love it if more endorphins are released somehow.

6. Relieves muscle soreness

Cold water reduces inflammation! So, if you are the one who undergoes intense physical training and feel sore all over, swimming in cold water is an amazing option.

7. Improves cardiovascular health

You can easily feel it that your heart must pump faster when exposed to cold water for keeping your body warm.

So, if you swim regularly in cold water, your heart will be greatly trained to be stronger and healthier.

8. Improves skin and hair

Cold water swimming will make your hair and skin look healthier. Because it improves your blood circulation, flushes out toxins, and prevents your hair and skin from losing their natural oils.

The result you’ll gate is, looking younger and rejuvenated and you’ll love it for sure!

9. Breaks your boredom cycle

It’s more stimulating to swim in cold water, the better option is open swimming. It’s for turning up to a new outdoor swimming spot.

You will search for new, unexplored places which will give you more adventurous moments.

10. Increases libido

Cold water improves estrogen and testosterone levels, helps to improve your fertility and libido. If the libido is increased, your confidence will boost up and improve your self-esteem.

That’s it! Aren’t these ten benefits just mind-blowing? You never should miss one of them by avoiding cold water swimming.

Above all, you need to clean your Swimming pool regularly. Vacuum the pool and make it safe for you. Don’t let the dirt and debris be overgrown here.

Some additional tips

Some additional tips for you are:

1. Acclimatise

When the temperature drops, don’t stop! Just keep swimming, your body will get used to the cold.

For this, it will not be such a shock when you go through the cold, winter days.

2. Wear the right kit

Help your body to preserve heat, wear a swimming hat or two. You also can wear neoprene gloves, booties or wetsuit.

3. Warm up slowly

Warm yourself up slowly, don’t have a hot shower. Instead of having hot water, you better make sure you have plenty of warm clothes and have a hot drink.

4. Know your limits

Don’t broad the time you spend in the cold water. You may know or don’t, swimmers swim for only one or two minutes at a time on winter days.

The ideal rule is that you should spend one minute per degree of water temperature in winter.

5. Stay safe

Open water has numerous advantages, but it can be dangerous. Swim only where it is safe.

Be sure you can easily enter and exit the water quickly and easily. Don’t ever swim on your own.

6. Avoid diving

If you are not still used to the cold water, don’t dive or jump in the water. Sudden diving into cold water can cause gasping of breath and a cold-water shock. It can be dangerous for you.

So, these were some precautions you always keep in your mind.


We are at the furthest point! You already know a lot about cold water swimming.

We actually want you to enjoy the most! That’s why we showed you 10 amazing health benefits of cold water swimming. How was that?

We hope it will be a positive answer! Just try to stay safe and keep all the tips in your mind we told you to maintain. When winter comes, don’t be panicked!

Grab the enjoyment instead!

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