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Liquid Chlorine or Chlorine Granules: Know the Difference?

A Swimming pool requires a lot of chemicals to keep it clean and functioning. One of the chemicals is chlorine. Chlorine needs to be added into the pool frequently because it has low variability and it weakens with time. There are two types of chlorine- Liquid Chlorine and Chlorine Granules. Swimming pool owners often get …

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How to Troubleshoot a Gas Pool Heater?

Your winter days can become more fun with a warm pool to swim, and this can be possible with a gas pool heater. But if your gas pool heater suddenly turns out to be faulty, your whole plan of throwing a winter pool party can be ruined. To save yourself from unwanted situations regarding your …

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How to Store Pool Chemicals Safely at Home

Owning a swimming pool does not only mean that you get to chill all summer. It comes with huge responsibilities like- maintaining the pool, repairing it if necessary, keeping it secured while not in use, and most importantly, storing the pool chemicals. A swimming pool contains quite a number of chemicals to keep the water …

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Can Dogs Go in Inflatable Pools? Details Guide

Dogs love to swim on hot summer days. But there are several problems when they try to get in your backyard’s luxury swimming pool. You have to take several precautions to maintain your pool as well as your dog. One easy solution can be an inflatable pool. Yes, Dogs can go to the inflatable swimming …

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How to Resurface a Concrete Pool Deck?

If you have a pool for a long time on your property, you might want to consider resurfacing your concrete pool deck. The world is changing, and the designs and types of pool decks are changing too. You should always try to keep up to date with that. You might also need to resurface your …

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